About Me

I believe the role of a mortgage loan officer extends beyond the loan transaction.

Since mortgages typically create long-term financial obligations, I believe it’s important to take a holistic view of the customer’s immediate and long-term objectives. My experience as Financial Advisor and Asset Manager gives me analytical advantage to provide appropriate and clear guidance throughout the lending process and beyond.

I believe a more appropriate description of what I do is Director of Customer Experience, and this takes a team.

The overall customer experience is my team’s number one priority. The experience starts with understanding customer’s needs, properly setting expectations, clear guidance through the lending process, on-time closings without any surprises, and establishing a post-closing relationship to assist with any future needs. I believe my team provides the best possible customer experience.

If you or anyone you know needs mortgage lending advice and guidance, please click CardinalFinancial.com/RichardMcHargue or call. I’ll certainly make myself available!

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